AsiaLink Story

AsiaLink GmbH started to export various products from Asia to Switzerland since 2007. The owner of the company has a lot of experience in the China business, because he has lived there since 2002 and has founded a trading company with his business partner, who manages the business in Switzerland.
AsiaLink offers a solution, especially to SME’s who do not have the resources to send their own people to China. We not only sell promotional products, but also advise European companies who want to be successful in China. Due to our large network in China we can specialize in many business areas and use freelancers.
We are flexible and creative and find a suitable answer for every request.
We are not afraid of new challenges and always put together the best consulting team to provide our clients with the right solutions for their questions and needs.
AsiaLink is more than a platform for customer requests and solutions.
AsiaLink is your partner for Asia, and has been there for you, for more than 16 years.