We propose a tailor-made solution for your net zero strategy

Footprint /reduction

  • Measure current carbon footprint
  • set up reduction targets
  • Reduction solutions with our
    consulting team

Carbon Offset

  • Reach carbon neutrality by contributing to carbon offsetting projects


  • Ensure the quality of offset projects by applying rigorous due diligence and providing MRV SaaS


  • We enable companies to talk transparently and credibly about the steps towards their ESG goals

Carbon Offset help companies to achieve net zero goal faster

Finance climate projects to contribute to climate action

Climate projects

  • They consist of development of renewable energies, forest protection or reforestation, social impact projects such as clean cooking stoves or drinking water.
  • They reduce, avoid, or remove greenhouse gases
  • The effect is verifiable and is calculated in tonnes of CO2

Certification standards

  • Climate projects are certified according to international standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard (GS) and are regularly audited by independent third parties.
  • This makes climate projects an important instrument in the fight against climate change.

Climate actions

  • Countries that are most affected by the impacts of climate change lack the financial resources, expertise, and infrastructure to make investments in sustainable developpement projects.
  • Companies should finance verified climate projects.
  • Climate action must be a worldwide effort.

Our extensive network in Asia enables us to originate high-quality carbon-offsetting projects

We have more than 100 projects, covering a large variety of project types

Afforestation / Reforestation

  • Number of projects: 1 

    Date of issue: July 2022

    Total amount: 2,701,806 MT CO2e/year

Mangrove Conservation

  • Number of projects: 2 

    Total amount: 403,778 MT CO2e/year

Animal Waste Management System

  • Number of projects: 2 

    Total amount: 138,598 MT CO2e/year

Improved Forest Management

  • Number of projects: 8 

    Total amount: 1,087,635 MT CO2e/year